Muffin Break

I took the kids to a Paw Patrol movie (or ‘movie’: three episodes of a Sea Patrol version with a range of equipment that, quite frankly, ten-year-old Rider could NOT have designed without a lot of adult help, plus some random episode of a programme called Rusty Rivets, which is all about two kids who make robots – think Paw Patrol, but with robots instead of dogs) this morning. We went with a lovely twin mum friend, Michelle, and her awesome twin boys.

After the ‘movie’ finished it was nearly time for lunch, so we checked out the dining options at Westfield Albany. I remembered noticing a sign for child-friendly lunch specials at Muffin Break, so we headed there – the perfect opportunity for a mini review.


Kiwi Café Kids Mini Review

Now, I didn’t have the best time during lunch, but it was nothing at all to do with Muffin Break, and 100% to do with me being somewhat short-tempered today, and my children being exceptionally unwilling to actually listen to me, follow basic instructions, etc. (which obviously contributed to my short-temperedness, although it wasn’t necessary the root cause of it). Grumpy Mummy Alert! I will try to put aside my child-related frustration and concentrate on our dining experience.

This was the sign that had drawn us to Muffin Break for lunch:

Photo 17-02-18, 11 56 06 AM

It’s not a great photo: basically, the deal is a sandwich (jam, ham, or cheese), a mini cookie or a mini muffin, and a Charlie’s juice drink – all for $7.90. You also get a cool little foldable frisbee to keep. I reckon that’s a good deal in anybody’s language! It’s all served in a nice little carry-case, so you could easily pick one up and take it away for a picnic in a playground:

Photo 17-02-18, 12 00 45 PM

I ordered jam sandwiches for Hattie and Joe, but when I picked up our tray the nice guy behind the Muffin Break counter told me that they’d run out, and could the kids have cheese instead? I said that should be fine. However, when Michelle was told at the time of ordering that there were no jam sandwiches available, she explained that her kids don’t like cheese, and the staff offered to make more jam sandwiches instead (which isn’t exactly a complex catering order, so good on them for being problem-solvers). So, it goes to show that I should have been slightly less accepting and a little more inclined to ask whether some accommodation could have been made!

And as it turns out, I totally misread my children’s willingness to eat cheese sandwiches. Yes – you guessed it – they barely ate their lunch. I’d ordered myself a delicious ham and cheese muffin, and ended up donating half of it to Joe and eating most of his sandwich instead. The sandwiches were a good combination of healthy (multi-grain bread) and child-friendly (crusts cut off). Here’s Joe getting stuck into his sandwich, before swapping with me:

Photo 17-02-18, 12 04 53 PM

While there wasn’t much sandwich-eating going on, the Charlie’s juice drinks were very popular…

Photo 17-02-18, 12 03 08 PM

At this point please let me reassure you that my children choose their own outfits, including the accessories. I wouldn’t think to team up a huge silver hair bow with a Spiderman tee and a pair of denim shorts, but that’s obviously because, unlike Hattie, I don’t understand fashion.

With the lack of sandwich-eating that went on, the mini cookies were confiscated (and are still in the pantry – they’ll possibly be handed back for afternoon tea tomorrow). But here’s a photo, complete with one of the frisbees:

Photo 17-02-18, 12 19 54 PM

And here’s a frisbee, unfolded:

Photo 17-02-18, 9 39 49 PM

The kids had totally forgotten about them by the time we got home (which was a very quiet journey, as Grumpy Mummy had reached the end of her tether and there had been some cross words spoken), so I’m looking forward to pulling them out unexpectedly tomorrow morning and teaching the two of them how to fling them around. What child doesn’t love a takeaway toy?

And as for my kids and my day… well, after I had some Alone Time decompressing in my bedroom with some chocolate and an episode of Queer Eye on Netflix (which is SO GOOD), I realised that I was being unreasonable. The day got better, particularly after later we escaped the humidity of the afternoon with a lovely swim at our local beach. After all, who could stay cross with these two cuties?!

The Kiwi Café Kids Verdict

From the looks of the Muffin Break Instagram account, these kids’ meals are only a short-term, seasonal thing.

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 9.49.20 pm

Please, Muffin Break, make them a permanent offer! They are such a great idea, and it would be wonderful to know that, in pretty much any mall in New Zealand, a harried parent (like me) could easily access a good child-friendly lunch at short notice (while also enjoying a good coffee and some yummy baked treat), either to eat on-site or to take away. Next time, I will be more assertive about the need for jam!

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