We have small children, and we love eating in cafés and restaurants. We don’t believe these two facts should be mutually exclusive! This blog chronicles our café and restaurant outings (primarily in Auckland, New Zealand, since that’s where we live), and highlights which cafés and restaurants are worth visiting with junior family members in tow. Read more about Kiwi Café Kids in the introductory blog post, and check out how to join in and review a café or restaurant. And don’t resist the urge to get in touch if you find a child-friendly gem that you think we should visit! We’re a one-income family with an Auckland mortgage, so this will influence how often we can dine out, but it would be lovely to have a list of places to try in the future.

For the avoidance of doubt: we don’t intend to write critical reviews of cafés and restaurants. If a café or restaurant is good, we’ll review it; if it’s bad, we’ll just avoid it in the future! We will make constructive suggestions that might improve the child-friendliness of existing cafés and restaurants, but only if they’re practical and realistic – less ‘knock out a wall so there’s more room for buggies’, and more ‘maybe add some children’s books to keep young visitors occupied’.

One other thing to note: we write a mix of full reviews and mini reviews. Mini reviews are for occasions when we just have a drink and some cabinet food, and cater for ourselves – finding our own table, for example – whereas full reviews tend to be for times when we’ve had a full meal, had table service, etc.

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