Paper Moon

I had hoped to write two reviews this week, but one of the places we visited over the weekend wasn’t up to par. However – luckily – the other place was great! It’s a big favourite with our family, so it certainly isn’t new to us (the other place we tried was new from the kids’ perspective), but it certainly justifies a review. Paper Moon is very well known on the North Shore, and it was New Zealand’s Café of the Year in 2012. It comprises both a restaurant (open from 7.30am – 11pm), and a café (open from 7.30am – 3pm). The café is usually where we stop for coffees and cabinet food, and delicious Kapiti ice cream. The two locations work together, though: you can sit in the restaurant and order cabinet food from the café, or order off the restaurant menu while in the café.


Arrival and Entertainment

We arrived at Paper Moon just after 10am and were warmly welcomed into the restaurant. We were quickly shown to a nice table for our party of six (the four of us, plus a visiting friend, Dave, and our new au pair, Rieke). The kids were brought colouring supplies straight away – colouring sheets and Crayola Twistables crayons – and we were given water for the table. We were not in the mood to dawdle because Dave and I had tickets for the Takapuna Food, Wine & Music Festival (which was amazing), so it was great to get everything sorted quickly. Here’s Hattie, hard at work (Joe was there too, of course, but for some reason every photo I took of him turned out blurry).

Photo 10-02-18, 10 09 51 AM


Paper Moon has a reasonably short children’s menu, but I think it provides enough  good options for most younger kids.

Photo 10-02-18, 9 47 28 AM

I really like the way that they’ve included a few children’s drink options – and I was quite tempted by a Spider, and had to remind myself that a) I’m 43 years old, and b) it was only 10 o’clock in the morning. Hattie had a kids’ hot chocolate, and Joe had a child-sized berry smoothie.

Hattie and Joe had eaten a big breakfast at home, so we ordered them one serving of hotcakes to share. The Paper Moon kitchen made this very easy for us, plating up the dish so all of the components were presented separately for easy serving – I’m sure that the typical plating-up of this dish is slightly less basic!

Photo 10-02-18, 9 59 45 AM

The grownups ordered hot chocolates and flat whites to drink…

The breakfast menu offers a nice combination of café classics and new, inventive dishes.  Dave and I stayed traditional with Eggs Benedict, which is such a great option when it’s done well. My poached eggs were slightly undercooked, but it certainly wasn’t a deal-breaker. The hollandaise was excellent.

Photo 10-02-18, 9 58 56 AM

Rieke ordered the Granola & Acai, which came with all sorts of goodies, including an acai sorbet. She rated it very highly.

Photo 10-02-18, 9 58 47 AM

We all enjoyed our brunch very much. And on Sunday afternoon, after a hugely disappointing lunch elsewhere (which was actually my birthday lunch, disappointingly), we returned to Paper Moon for coffee, and ice creams for the kids. We sat in the restaurant again, and the kids had the ‘ice cream and lollies’ off the children’s menu, which were very happily received. As Joe remarked, “This is definitely a child-friendly café, Mummy!”

Other Amenities

Although there isn’t a changing table available (to my knowledge), there are three high chairs in the café side of Paper Moon, and I’m sure they can be brought into the restaurant as required.

The Kiwi Café Kids Verdict

The food at Paper Moon is really good, but it’s our favourite local café primarily because the service is fantastic. It’s had a couple of ups and downs over the past few years, but the current owners have built both the café and the restaurant into a real asset for our local community. Paper Moon has waiting staff that stick around, so they really feel like part of our neighbourhood, and they obviously get to know their regulars (which is always nice, particularly when you’ve got kids). And the food really is delicious!

Paper Moon is a great choice for people with pre-schoolers and primary-aged kids. And the staff in both the café and the restaurant do an excellent job of catering for children: tailoring dishes as required, or providing extra marshmallows to quell any riots. It’s also perfect for coffees during the day, when you’re dealing with babies in buggies: there’s plenty of outdoor seating, and all-day sun.

I absolutely recommend Paper Moon for a daytime visit with smaller people – and given that there’s a fantastic fenced playground a minute’s walk away, and a beautiful beach a couple of minutes further on, there are a lot of good reasons to check out this fantastic café and restaurant!


Dixie Browns Devonport

Yesterday my mother-in-law finished her annual summer visit with us, and before she left for the airport we headed to Dixie Browns in Devonport for lunch. We’ve been there before with the kids and we know that it’s superbly child-friendly, so I was really pleased to have an opportunity to go there again and gather information for a review.


Arrival and Entertainment

The staff seated us as soon as we arrived, and when they initially steered us towards a table they happily responded to our request for a booth instead (more space, and fewer escape routes for bored small children). There is a wide assortment of seating options available, which is great: tables and booths inside; tables on the sunny street outside; and more tables in a courtyard garden out the back.

We were given menus straight away, which included colour-in children’s menus and crayons. The kids got to work.

Photo 5-02-18, 12 57 38 PM

Hattie had a lot on her plate: colouring; chatting; AND supervising her small squirrel child.

The booths are really comfortable, with a lot of upholstering. And it’s just as well, given that you’ll need some time to wade through the enormous menu…


I think the children’s menu is very good: lots of options; really good portion sizes; and great prices. I also really like that most of the meals come with fruit.

Hattie and Joe both chose the Herbivore Toastie, and a glass of apple juice.

Photo 5-02-18, 1 18 21 PM

Hattie got stuck in, but Joe wasn’t feeling very well and only picked at his lunch. However, the staff were awesome, and offered it to us in a doggy bag to take home.

Choosing the grownups’ lunches was much harder – the menu was A3-sized, double-sided, and full of great-sounding options. My husband and my mother-in-law chose a chicken burger and a bagel respectively:

I had corn fritter so delicious that they deserved their own close-up shot:

Photo 5-02-18, 1 19 21 PM

We all enjoyed our lunches, and really didn’t need dinner later – the portions are very generous.

To drink, my husband had apple juice, my mother-in-law had a cider, and I had a truly fantastic ginger beer by the Hawke’s Bay Brewing Company – highly recommended:

Photo 5-02-18, 1 12 01 PM

The kids finished their lunch with some ice cream (yes, Joe was VERY lucky to have ice cream after barely touching his lunch, but the kids are wound up about starting school tomorrow, and we’re being fairly indulgent as a result). He wanted ice cream in a cone, and fortunately Dixie Browns also runs a gelato concession just next door to the restaurant, so he took Daddy out to get that organised, and brought it back in to enjoy in the booth:

Photo 5-02-18, 1 54 54 PM

Hattie had the ‘Dixie the Clown’ option from the children’s menu. This is supposed to resemble a clown’s face, but to be honest it had obviously been done in a huge hurry, because it was a bit of a mess on this occasion. However, Hattie wasted no time in scoffing it, and when she was finished she declared “Boy, that was yummy!” (and yes, my children really do talk like that – sometimes it’s as if I’ve stumbled into a Famous Five plot)…

What I really enjoyed – other than the good food – was the attentive service, coupled with a total lack of pressure to finish our meal and get on with our day. We relaxed in the booth for a while…

Photo 5-02-18, 2 07 26 PM

My husband rounded off his meal with what was apparently a good flat white, and I had a hot chocolate. Dixie Browns does fantastic hot chocolates, served as a mug of steamed milk into which you stir a wooden spoon with a huge chunk of chocolate stuck to it. SO GOOD! It was a good substitute to having pudding, and I felt very proud of myself for resisting the pudding options – there are a lot of them, and past experience has taught me that they’re worth leaving room for!

Other Amenities

This is a great café to visit with kids. Other than the good menu and the comfortable, child-friendly seating, there were plenty of high chairs – I spotted four, but there might be more – and a changing table in the disabled loo. There’s also a nice selection of cabinet food (mostly sweet), in case you just want to pop in for a quick visit.

The Kiwi Café Kids Verdict

Our repeated visits in recent months are a good indicator: Dixie Browns is a really nice place to take younger children, and the staff are a big reason why – they’re always friendly and helpful, and accommodating of little diners. It’s spacious inside, too, so I think you could find a few tables at which you could park a buggy if you had a really young baby with you. The huge menu also provides a wide variety of choices for kids who are old enough to leave the children’s menu and explore other options. And the food and atmosphere is nice enough for grownups, too. Dixie Browns is well located near the ferry terminal, a playground, and the Devonport Library, which is a wonderful place to while away some time with kids. I definitely recommend it for your next visit to this lovely suburb!

Soljans Estate Winery Café

On a baking hot Sunday morning, what could be nicer than enjoying a lovely brunch on a shady terrace, in the picturesque setting of a vineyard? And let’s be honest, how often do parents get to do that kind of thing? Well, thanks to Soljans Estate Winery Café (which I’ll call ‘Soljans’ for the rest of this review, to save me some typing), it IS possible! Before we had kids we checked out Soljans for lunch a few times, and we visited when Hattie and Joe were young babies, but we haven’t been for at least four years. We decided that it was high time we checked it out again!


Arrival and Entertainment

Soljans is about 15 minutes’ drive from the North Shore on a hot Sunday morning without much traffic. The café was open from 9am for breakfast, and it was around 10.30am when we arrived, so the huge car park was mostly empty. Soljans has plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, but we know from past visits that it is a popular place year-round, so if you don’t want to struggle for a table I’d suggest turning up early, or booking a table (which you can do online).

Because we were some of the first diners there today we had our choice of tables, and opted for one outside, on the terrace. I remember when we visited with our babies we sat there as well, because there was plenty of space for our enormous twin buggy. There are zip-down clear ‘walls’ around the terrace, for those inevitable rainy Auckland days. No fear of that today, though:

Photo 28-01-18, 10 29 23 AM

Although Soljans refers to itself as a café, both its food and its service are on a par with some of the best restaurants we’ve visited in New Zealand, and the staff who helped us were lovely. We were given menus and water straight away. There was no sign of any colouring, toys, or other entertainment for the kids, but we’d brought our own bag of crayons, pens, and paper. And really, who needs entertainment when you’ve got this:

Photo 28-01-18, 10 31 22 AM

This is only a small slice of the grassed area immediately adjacent to the outdoor seating, providing kids with plenty of space to tear around and burn off some energy while they wait for your food. Hattie loved this cute little play house:

Photo 28-01-18, 10 31 35 AM

I also loved the fact that there are two petanque courts, so older children and teenagers who are bored with their parents’ conversations can teach themselves to play, thus ensuring that they can hold their own if they ever end up in a French town or city and need to integrate with the locals.

Photo 28-01-18, 10 32 15 AM


The children’s menu was full of guaranteed child-friendly dishes. Here’s what was on offer:

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 1.51.45 pm

There were also children’s drinks: milk or a fluffy for $1; Ribena for $2; and child-sized juices for $2.50 – plus fizzy drinks (which my kids can’t abide: they call them ‘fuzzy drinks’ and don’t like the bubbles). The kids each opted for a glass of apple juice, and the serving was very generous – it would have been a big enough glass for me! My mother-in-law and I each had a mango smoothie – creamy, cold, and very welcome on such a hot morning – and my husband had a couple of flat whites.

We ordered the kids a temptingly-named ‘Funplatter’ each, and although it was certainly not a healthy option, it was very popular with our two. Each platter contained sandwiches, chips, biscuits, sweets, a juice box, raisins, strawberries, lollies, and cheese slice.

Photo 28-01-18, 10 37 16 AM

We really appreciated that the kids’ food was served very swiftly. However, it would have been helpful if the staff member who took our order had reminded us that the platters came with a juice box, so we didn’t need to order the kids a glass of juice each (we hadn’t spotted that on the menu). But not to worry – the juice boxes came home with us to be used another day.

The grownups ordered off the breakfast menu, and our food also arrived very quickly. I had French toast (I’m on a bit of a French toast kick at the moment, and I really need to rein it in and start having eggs on toast or something)…

Photo 28-01-18, 10 48 18 AM

My husband had ‘vine-smoked salmon and potato hash cake’, and my mother-in-law had ‘Kiwi favourite bacon and eggs’.

We were all very happy with our dishes, which arrived piping hot (I really hate it when hot food is lukewarm). One thing that marks out Soljan’s food is the extra touches – like the lemon aioli with the hash cake, and the caramelised red onion with the bacon and eggs. These things elevate a dish, and although this is a blog to discuss child-friendly places, it’s important that the adults enjoy their food too, right?

Other Amenities

Soljans is clearly set up to provide a high quality vineyard experience for local and international visitors alike, and when it comes to things like the loos you really notice it: they’re spacious, and spotless. The unisex disabled loo also contains a changing table, which is wonderful to see. My kids were stoked that there were paper hand towels, and not the dreaded air dryers.

Although I couldn’t see high chairs anywhere in the restaurant, when I asked a staff member if they had any available she opened a cupboard and showed me that there were eight of them standing by, ready for action. It just goes to show that you shouldn’t assume the worst when you visit a café or restaurant – it’s always worth checking if they’ve got a high chair, or something to help with entertaining your kids, because you never know what they might have stowed away.

Another great amenity is the vineyard shop, which sells a selection of souvenirs, and a lot of wine (unsurprisingly). So, if you’re a sober driver, or if it’s 11am and you feel like it isn’t socially acceptable to work your way through the wine list during your brunch, you can always grab a bottle or two for later.

The Kiwi Café Kids Verdict

We had a delicious brunch at Soljans, and it was a great place to visit with the kids – I’d definitely recommend it if you feel like getting away from the rest of the city. With space outside, a changing table, and plenty of high chairs, there’s plenty to make your visit comfortable and enjoyable. The only suggestion we have is to perhaps offer something for kids to do at their tables while waiting for their food, for those rainy days where the outdoor space isn’t an option – paper and crayons would suffice. It might also be helpful to mention somewhere on the menu that high chairs are available on request, so parents of babies and toddlers don’t have to soldier on without them.

I only hope that, whenever we visit again, I’m not driving and can have a glass or two of wine with my food!


Melba Takapuna

Last Sunday we were in recovery mode after Hattie and Joe’s fifth birthday party the day before, so I took my parents to the airport first thing in the morning, and then I met the rest of the family in Takapuna. We were after a tasty brunch, and we headed to one of the first cafés we frequented when we first moved to the North Shore: Melba, on Hurstmere Road. It’s also the first café Hattie and Joe ever visited, as two-week-olds in capsules! And they cried in the car for the entire ten-minute journey to get there, back in 2013. Ahhh, happy memories of babies!

Anyway, Melba Takapuna is one of eight Melba cafés in Auckland, and from what I can see online it appears that each one has its own menu, so this review is specific to the Takapuna café only.


Arrival and Entertainment

I reached Melba Takapuna at 9.30ish, before the rest of the family, and the staff couldn’t have been more helpful: pushing together two tables to accommodate the five of us, and checking whether we needed kids’ menus. By the time the rest of the family arrived we already had water on the table as well. We grabbed some colouring supplies for the kids: communal colouring books, and coloured pencils. There were a few blank colouring pages left in the books, so I’m guessing these get replaced on a reasonably regular basis. The coloured pencils were also fine, and I’m sure the staff would have happily supplied a sharpener if required. The kids got to work!

I didn’t spot any toys to occupy children too young to colour (and these were colouring books for slightly older kids – at least kindy age).

It’s a nice, light café, with plate glass windows onto Hurstmere Road, and also onto the glass-covered arcade next door, in which it shares outdoor table space with Frankie’s Argentinian BBQ (a restaurant I really must check out soon). When we came with the kids as newborns we sat outside in the arcade, and it was a perfect spot for parking a buggy next to the table, especially as space for buggies is more limited inside. Now that our two are older, we find that the arcade is a great spot for them to have a little wander around in our sight, while we’re eating. And it’s outstanding in the winter, or in Auckland’s frequently rainy weather. However, it’s a popular spot for people to stop for brunch or lunch with their dogs, so if you’ve got nervous kids you might be better off inside. There are also a couple of outside tables on Hurstmere Road, if you really want to see and be seen.


Melba Takapuna has a short and sweet children’s menu:

Photo 21-01-18, 9 14 43 AM

Hattie ordered her typical hot chocolate – at $3, which is a decent price for a kids’ drink – and Joe ordered a Berry & Banana Smoothie (raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, banana, honey, and milk), for $8.50. My mother-in-law ordered a veggie-filled Lean Green Smoothie ($9), and I had an Island Breeze Smoothie (mango, pineapple, lime, vanilla bean, and coconut water), also $8.50. My husband had a flat white – he’s as predictable as Hattie when it comes to café drinks.

Joe decided to try his luck and scam for one of his sister’s marshmallows:

Hattie was unimpressed initially, but gave him one in the end.

Photo 21-01-18, 9 30 14 AM

I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: cafés that cater to kids, it would be so helpful if you could fling an extra marshmallow on a saucer when only one child at the table has ordered a drink that includes them, so the child who ordered a different type of drink can have it without their sibling being forced to tap into wells of sibling benevolence that, let’s face it, can be hard to access in your typical preschooler or young school child. I know it’s definitely not necessary, but it’s this kind of little thing that make parents across the land bless you and think fondly of your establishment, and recommend it to others.

Anyway. The three smoothies were delicious, but the Island Breeze was fairly tart, so don’t order that one for kids unless you know for sure that they’re fans of the kind of thing.

To eat, we decided to see if we could split a chocolate waffles order between the two kids. They’d already eaten breakfast, so we didn’t want to order food that would be wasted (my waistline can’t stand much more leftover-eating, given that I have a slinky dress to wear for a niece’s wedding in a month’s time).

Photo 21-01-18, 9 36 53 AM

This was a good choice: just the right size for our two – and the full portion would have been perfect if it had been closer to lunchtime and they’d been hungrier. Basically, it’s a straightforward waffle with chocolate chunks scattered on top, served with whipped cream and fruit (and you can get it with ice cream as well, if you’re feeling fancy).

The grownups’ food was really good – Melba Takapuna is reliably excellent. My husband had smashed avocado with feta, with a side order of halloumi (there’s no such thing as too much cheese); my mother-in-law had eggs on toast, her go-to café dish; and I had a very yummy muesli, which was extra good because it was served with a wee honey and passionfruit panna cotta nestled in the middle. SO GOOD! I highly recommend it.

I should also tell you that Melba Takapuna has superb-looking cabinet food, although I haven’t yet tasted any of it, because I’m always too greedy when I go there and prefer to have a proper meal.

Other Amenities

I only spotted one high chair at Melba Takapuna, but there may be others? I’m not sure – we tended to travel with portable chair-top high chairs when our kids were tiny, given that it’s hard to secure two high chairs at many cafés, so we often didn’t rely on what cafés had to offer, even at places we visited regularly. But it would be great if there was at least two high chairs available.

There are no changing facilities in the loos – there’s one smaller unisex loo and one larger disabled one. There’s definitely space to install a wall-mounted fold-down changing table in the larger loo, so this would be a great addition.

The Kiwi Café Kids Verdict

Melba Takapuna is a lovely café, and it’s great to see that it can accommodate children so well. The staff were faultlessly pleasant, helpful, prompt, and attentive, and we all really enjoyed our brunch. We’ve been there many times in the past, and we’ll no doubt be back many times in the future!

There are three fairly minor things I’d suggest to make Melba Takapuna in Takapuna even more child-friendly:

  • Adding another high chair to the mix;
  • Installing a changing table in the larger loo; and
  • Including a few toys for younger children as part of the in-café entertainment.


Bondie Designer Cupcakes

Hattie and Joe turned five yesterday! To celebrate, we took Nanna and met up with Daddy (back at work now, sadly) for a special morning tea at the Rosedale HQ of Bondie Designer Cupcakes. We’re long-term Bondie fans. We ordered cakes for the kids’ last two birthday parties from Chanelle Bond and her team, and we were regular visits to the pop-up Bondie shop in Takapuna last summer, and when the Rosedale shop opened last year we checked it out early on. It’s amazing to see this young mum build her own incredibly successful cupcake business, and to go from baking at home to establishing this fantastic brand and setting up her own hugely popular shop!

Photo 11-01-18, 2 06 18 PM

Bondie only offers cupcakes, coffees, and freak shakes during the day, so I’m writing up our visit as a mini review. I think a café is very smart to offer a limited menu of deliciousness, rather than a long menu of sub-par items. And Bondie isn’t the kind of place you’d necessarily go to every day, but it’s brilliant for a treat.


Kiwi Café Kids Mini Review

The birthday girl and boy were very excited about their special morning tea:

Photo 16-01-18, 10 37 43 AM

It took a while to choose from the dizzying array of cupcakes on offer:

Photo 16-01-18, 10 37 52 AM

Eventually we ordered our drinks and cupcakes, and made ourselves comfortable in the conservatory-like room – warm and dry on wet days, and nice and sunny when the weather’s good. The food cost $4.50 per signature cupcake, and $5.50 for a deluxe cupcake (which I think was my one, because I have lavish tastes). I’ve had these cupcakes so many times, and they are worth every penny as far as I’m concerned: they are light-years away from the weird-tasting butter cream and dry cakes you get at so many cafés. You can tell that the Bondie team bakes everything fresh each morning, using the best ingredients.

Photo 16-01-18, 10 40 12 AM

Hattie chose the mint chocolate cupcake, Joe chose a rainbow cupcake (vanilla, with jam in the middle), mine was a Pics peanut butter and jelly cupcake, and Nanna chose a chocolate salted caramel cupcake. Daddy doesn’t eat sweet stuff, because he has far more willpower than me. Bondie has a portfolio of over 90 cupcake flavours, so you’re guaranteed to find something delicious there. They do gluten-free cupcakes, too.

At first, the cupcake-eating was fairly demure…

… but before long we were getting stuck in!

My cupcake was absolutely delicious, with subtle peanut butter-flavoured frosting and a jelly centre. SO GOOD!

Photo 16-01-18, 10 42 04 AM

The kids ordered mini hot chocolates:

Photo 16-01-18, 10 44 02 AM

They were delicious, and just the right temperature. However, they were $4 each, which is a bit of a jump up from what we would have been charged for fluffies, at $2 each. $4 a pop for a child’s hot chocolate is certainly more than we’d be happy to spend in most places, but it was a very special occasion – you don’t turn five every day, after all. I had a peppermint hot chocolate (lovely), and my husband and mother-in-law had a cappuccino and a flat white respectively. Big smiles from the caffeine addicts: the Bondie team knows their way around a coffee machine.

The café is very glam – all black and white, with gold accents and lots of sequins and fluffy cushions, and blankets available for your knees if the weather is cooler. And I love how the Bondie team all have a very cool look, with lashings of red lipstick. It is the kind of place that wouldn’t look out-of-place nestled in the fanciest street of shops of restaurants, so those of us on the North Shore are very lucky to have it on our door step.

Photo 16-01-18, 10 40 32 AM

I spotted two high chairs available. There’s one unisex loo, and it’s a decent-sized space with both paper towels and actual hand towels in a little stack to use and then biff into a dirty linen basket. However, there’s no change table – it would be wonderful if a fold-down wall-mounted one could be installed.

The Kiwi Café Kids Verdict

As far as we’re concerned this is THE place for a treat, especially if you’ve got preschoolers or school-aged children.

The café itself could be slightly more child-friendly by installing a change table in the loo. Another helpful thing would be to provide plates for children – we were given our four cupcakes on a cake stand, but then had to eat the actual cupcakes off napkins. It wasn’t a problem for the grownups, but it isn’t ideal for little kids who don’t want to lose half of their butter cream on their napkin as their cake flops over, especially if they’re like my two and tend to like using a cake fork once they’ve made it through the top layer of frosting.

There are no toys or other entertainment on offer for the kids, but I’m OK with that at this kind of place because you really aren’t there for long, given that it only serves cakes and coffee. There are some tall stools near the open-plan kitchen, so budding chefs could perch themselves there and watch the baking magic unfold.

If you’ve got school-aged cupcake fans in the house and would rather offer a smaller birthday treat instead of a birthday with a cast of thousands (which is the stage we’re still at with our two), you might be interested in their Shake and Cake Party:


During 2017 the Bondie team was offering a weekly ‘Mums and Bubs’ session with mini cupcakes and freak shakes for toddlers and preschoolers, so that would be worth checking out with coffee groups. Bondie has also offered ‘player of the day’ certificates to local children’s sports teams, so there might be opportunities like that available again in the future.

Follow the Bondie Designer Cupcakes Facebook page to stay up-to-date with new developments, school holiday programmes, and special offers. And don’t forget them if you need corporate cupcakes, special occasion cupcakes, or large cakes – you can order them all via the Bondie website (and they take gluten-free orders, too). I can speak from personal experience when I say that ordering a box of six Bondie cupcakes to be delivered to a friend’s house for this birthday is a sure-fire way to rocket to the top of their list of cherished friends! And you can’t go wrong with their special occasion cakes. Here’s what Chanelle made for Hattie and Joe’s third birthday:

That fairy was particularly amazing: it perfectly replicated Joe’s favourite princess dress-up dress from the previous year, as well as Larry, his favourite cuddly toy, and the rabbit from his favourite t-shirt at the time. Their fourth birthday cakes were equally brilliant:

And if they’re offering a special flavour in-store on a day you’re planning to visit, they’re more than happy for you to call through your order so they can put your cupcakes aside. Yay for Bondie!


Bean Grinding Café

The weather is terrible in Auckland today, and I’m flat out with some university work, so my husband took the kids for a swim at a local pool, and then I met them at one of the kids’ favourite cafés: Bean Grinding Café. They call it ‘Armabillo’ (to differentiate it from Armadillo Café across the road – another favourite). A big drawcard at Bean Grinding Café is the fish tank inside, but we’ve also found that the coffee and cabinet food is reliably good, so I thought it was time for a…

Kiwi Café Kids Mini Review

Bean Grinding Café doesn’t seem to have a dedicated website or Facebook page, but you can find its feed on Instagram. The café itself in is Rothesay Bay on Auckland’s North Shore, in the very fancy 585 Rothesay Bay apartment complex.

It’s bright and spacious inside Bean Grinding Café, but today we sat in the communal space provided as part of the building’s atrium – the café has its own dedicated tables out there. This is a huge and fairly empty space, with access to a spray tan shop, a hair salon, a health food kiosk, and a pilates studio, and a large commercial premises that hasn’t yet been filled – in other words, it’s a great place for small children to have a wander around while they wait for their drinks to arrive:

The bathrooms that serve the entire ground floor are located nearby, and include baby changing facilities in the unisex disabled loo. I also saw one high chair inside the café.

We ordered drinks for everybody. Hattie’s ‘warm chocolate’ was a perfect temperature and came with two marshmallows, one of which she sacrificed to her brother. There wasn’t a specific children’s hot chocolate on the drinks menu – this was a small hot chocolate, for $4. For some reason it was served in a takeaway cup, which is a) a bit wasteful, environmentally, and b) not always ideal with small children – those cups can tip over easily. But Hattie was very careful, as befits an almost-five year old soon-to-be school kid.

Photo 5-01-18, 10 50 36 AM

Joe’s not much of a warm chocolate drinker, so he opted for a blueberry and banana smoothie, for $7, and a cheese scone for morning tea (he seems to be in the middle of a six-month-long growth spurt). Both were delicious (I sampled them for investigative journalism purposes).

Hattie followed up her warm chocolate with a chocolate brownie for morning tea, because – apparently – there’s no such thing as too much chocolate. She said it was delicious, even though she couldn’t finish it. Here’s her official wink of approval:

The grownups had smoothies, a flat white, and a chai latte (that was mine, and it was nice, and not too spicy).

Bean Grinding Café offers a brief children’s menu, although we’ve never had hot food here and can’t personally vouch for it. I’m happy to see a cheese toastie there, though – that tends to be a reliable choice for little kids. A pancake option would also be nice, as most kids love pancakes.

Photo 5-01-18, 11 05 36 AM

The Kiwi Café Kids Verdict

Bean Grinding Café is a reliable place for good drinks and cabinet food, and I’m sure we’ll sample the menu food one day as well. The staff are welcoming, and the whole place is lovely and new. There’s no entertainment on offer for the kids, but the fish tank inside is a big source of fascination for our two.

The real bonus is that atrium space, though – how perfect for antenatal groups with a lot of buggies to park, or for parents with restless toddlers who don’t want to sit still while their parents sip coffee. The easy access to changing facilities in the nearby bathrooms is a big additional bonus. It might not always be appropriate for children to place in the atrium as the site slowly gets busier (we wouldn’t have let our two climb on those seats if anybody else had been there to be bothered by it), so this could be a good one to check out while it’s still reasonably quiet.

Bean Grinding Café could be even more child-friendly by:

  • Offering a children’s warm chocolate or fluffy, at a slightly lower price (more in keeping with the very reasonably priced children’s menu items);
  • Serving children’s hot drinks in proper cups;
  • Adding a pancake-related option to the children’s menu; and
  • Providing a few children’s books or toys, to entertain younger visitors.