Review a café

Kiwi Café Kids followers, we would love it if you would contribute to this blog! After all, we don’t get away from Auckland as often as we’d like, and it would be wonderful if we could expand the geographical scope of this project from the start. If you’ve visited a café in your home town and want to tell the world about how much you and your kids loved it, please let me know! There are two ways to get involved:

1. Do-It-Yourself: You can write a short review – ideally covering the kind of factors I mentioned in our introductory blog post. It would also be wonderful if you could share a photo or two: either of your kids enjoying the café, or of what they ordered – so we can see just how good those fluffies actually are.

2. Quick Questionnaire: Let me know via the Contact page you’d like to share some information about a café. I’ll send you a quick questionnaire to complete and return (and it would still be fantastic if you could spare a photo to illustrate your answers, but it isn’t essential).

Thank you in advance!